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Donor Information and Agreement

To promote your donation, please fill out the form below by November 30, 2023.

The ARA Foundation provides resources that benefit the equipment and event rental community. Our mission is to create educational opportunities. build relationships and aid the industry – currently accomplished through educational scholarships, employee training assistance, community service projects, mentorships, and sponsored education events. The ARA Foundation is sponsoring a live fundraising auction on Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024, at The ARA Show in New Orleans to support the Foundation’s mission and programs. With completion of this Donation Agreement. you consent to donate an item for use in the auction and agree to the following conditions of the donation:

  • If you are donating equipment, the item you are contributing is required to be identified and displayed in your booth at The ARA Show. Your company is responsible for all shipping charges to transport the equipment to your trade show booth.
  • If you are donating a tangible item other than equipment, you may either display the item or an exact photo of the item in your booth.
  • The ARA Foundation will provide signage to note your company’s contribution and participation in the auction.
  • Shipping arrangements are to be made between the purchaser and your company upon completion of the auction. Your company will be responsible for shipping charges within the continental United States for delivery of the equipment or item to the purchaser’s location.
  • Your donation is eligible to be deducted from your annual tax return (at production value for equipment). The shipping cost incurred in transporting the equipment to your trade show booth as well as shipping cost to the purchaser also is deductible. (See IRS Publication 526 for further guidance or contact ARA CFO Marcy Wright at 800.334.2177, ext. 224.)