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Show-Only Specials

Submit a Show-Only Special to help draw attendees to your booth.

Attendees of The ARA Show come ready to buy and have said that Show-Only Specials are extremely influential when making purchasing decisions. Submitting your special is easy and only takes a few seconds. All you need is your Member ID, Company Name and Contact Name.

Show-Only Specials can include:

  • Price discounts
  • Freight discounts
  • Special terms
  • Prize drawings or giveaways
  • Or any other creative idea you have!

Companies offering a Show-Only Special are promoted through multiple channels, including:

  • Listed on the show website and on The ARA Show app.
  • Listed in Rental Management magazine coverage leading up to the show.
  • Recognized during the show with a floor cling at their booth letting attendees know you are offering a special deal.