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We recognize our trade show has an impact on the environment and work diligently with our exhibitors to reduce the amount of waste being created. Below are a few things that The ARA Show has incorporated to increase sustainability and help SHAPE YOUR INDUSTRY:

  • Eliminated many forms of traditional signage instead opting for digital signage where possible.
  • Handouts in sessions are included on the mobile app instead of print.
  • Recycling areas are placed throughout the show floor.

Shape Your

Sustainability tips for exhibitors

  • Keep exhibit structures for as long as possible and opt to put new skins on them and reorganize your booth’s floor plan instead. This will help the environment as well as your company’s bottom line.
  • Go digital with your signage.
  • Utilize QR codes scanned at your booth instead of printed materials.
  • Recycle all necessary cardboard materials.
  • Upgrade booth components, such as monitors, with more energy-efficient options.